Green Windows

Glass Performance Data

Glass Type U-Value* SHGC* Visible Light Transmittance  
5/16" Laminated Glass for Windows:
5/16" Clear0.970.7686%
5/16" Grey0.970.6459%
5/16" Bronze0.970.6664%
5/16" Green0.970.6480%
5/16" Double Grey0.970.5442%Meets Turtle Code
5/16" Clear LoE SGP0.970.3661%
5/16" Grey LoE SGP0.970.3641%Meets Turtle Code
5/16" Bronze LoE SGP0.970.3646%
5/16" Green LoE SGP0.970.4056%
7/16" Laminated Glass for Windows or French Doors:
7/16" Clear0.950.7386%
7/16" Grey0.940.5750%
7/16" Bronze0.940.5956%
7/16" Green0.940.5975%
7/16" Double Grey0.940.4729%Meets Turtle Code
7/16" Clear LoE SGP0.950.3760%
7/16" Grey LoE SGP0.950.3634%Meets Turtle Code
7/16" Bronze LoE SGP0.950.3639%Meets Turtle Code
7/16" Green LoE SGP0.950.4153%
11/16" Laminated Insulating Glass for Windows:
11/16" Clear LoE0.300.2859%
11/16" Grey LoE 0.300.2639%Meets Turtle Code
11/16" Bronze LoE 0.300.2744%Meets Turtle Code
11/16" Green LoE 0.300.2754%
1" Laminated Insulating Glass for French Doors:
1" Clear LoE0.260.2458%
1" Grey LoE0.260.2332%Meets Turtle Code
1" Bronze LoE0.260.2437%Meets Turtle Code
1" Green LoE0.260.2451%
9/16" Laminated Glass for Sliding Glass Doors:
9/16" Clear0.940.7184%
9/16" Grey0.94 0.54 43%Meets Turtle Code
9/16" Bronze0.940.5852%
9/16" Green0.940.5572%
9/16" Clear LoE SGP0.940.3558%
9/16" Grey LoE SGP0.940.3733%Meets Turtle Code
9/16" Bronze LoE SGP0.940.3738%Meets Turtle Code
9/16" Green LoE SGP0.940.4254%

U-Value is the measure of a window’s ability to reduce heat loss during indirect radiation exposure; such as during the winter months.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGH) is a measure of a window’s ability to reduce heat gain direct radiation exposure; such as during the summer months in warmer climates. A lower SHGC translates into less direct heat being pulled into the home resulting in lower cooling cost.