Casement & Project Out Windows

NOA S-400 Casement    |     NOA S-425 & S-426 Fixed Casement    |     NOA S-450 Project Out    |    


  • Maximum Size for our casement windows is 37 x 80 (+80 -80) and Project out 37 x 80 and 80 x 37 (+80 – 80).
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum is painted with a 2604 (10 Years 50% Kynard Paint) for long lasting and low maintenance.
  • Wood grain Finish is also available.
  • Frame depth is 3″ for windows Nominal wall thickness ranges from .090 to .125 for all windows.
  • Installation holes are pre punched for easy installation.


Multiple glazing options are available to meet various design requirements.All products are wet glazed for greater strength and seal.All products have a structural extruded aluminum glazing bead for stronger resistance to wind loads.


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Best Impact Resistant Casement & Project Windows

If you are ready to invest in impact resistant products, then SIW Windows & Doors should be the first company you turn to for assistance! When looking for impact resistant casement and project windows, SIW offers a variety of options. There are several benefits to impact windows, so investing in the impact resistant casement and project windows can do more than just make your home or commercial location look stylish!

Protection with Hurricane Resistant Casement & Project Windows

The impact resistant casement and project windows sold at SIW Windows and Doors allows for optimal protection. All of our windows are capable of resisting extremely high winds, so you don’t ever have to worry about shattered windows and glass on the floor. SIW wants to set you up for success, so that you feel confident about your home staying in tact no matter what natural disaster may come!

Various Styling Options with SIW Impact Windows

SIW Windows and Doors offers a variety of casement and project window options when it comes to coordinating with your design requirements. We understand that each individual is unique, and their preferences for their home or business will be too! Let SIW help you make your home or business look great while being protected too.

Choose SIW Windows & Doors for All Impact Resistant Products

Whether your impact resistant product needs include casement and project windows or not, we hope you choose to turn to SIW! You just won’t find any better impact window company in South Florida. We want you to feel both safe and secure while having the home or business look just how you have always wanted it to.