French Doors

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The SIW 500 Series is the ultimate French Door system on the market. A product engineered and tested to withstand any Hurricane or Tropical Storm. With a 5-point Locking Mechanism engaging top, bottom and sides there’s no object or projectile penetrating through this door. Modern Styles with square glazing beads, narrow bottom rail, and rectangular handles are available as well as Traditional Styles with Ogee Glazing Bead and high bottom rail to create the look of a wood door. This system was also tested with Panic Bars, Closers, No Astragals and Commercial Lock for StoreFronts & any Commercial Application. Sidelites & Transoms can be added to reach 12′ height and unlimited widths.


  • Maximum size for Double Doors 76″ x 132″ and Single Doors 39 3/8″ x 132″/ 48″ x 120″.
  • Standard Sentinel 3 Point Lock system which includes decorative backplates and Lever handles. Commercial Lock Mechanism with Pull Handles available.
  • Custom Powder Coated Finishes and various Woodgrain Colors available.
  • Standard Sill, Lo-Rise Sill for thin flooring, ADA Sill for Commercial Applications and no sill for courtyard Doors available.
  • Laminated 7/16″ Impact Glass & 1″ Impact Glass.


SIW French Doors

At SIW, we care about your desire for a safer home, which is why we extend our impact products to our popular impact french doors. The want for hurricane resistant windows and doors shouldn’t make you feel limited in choices when it comes to customizing your home. While the benefits of the impact products that SIW offers include a wide variety of impact options, such as hurricane resistant french doors, pivot doors, sliding glass doors, windows, and more, the advantages extend beyond just variety alone. For example, there is a long list of benefits for impact french doors.

Advantages of Impact French Doors

Impact products like hurricane resistant french doors are fantastic products. SIW Impact Windows and Doors puts care and consideration into the products we provide and install. It is important to us that we offer the best, most efficient impact french doors and windows because we believe safety should be a priority but not come at the cost of the preferred appearance of your home.

Beautiful Appearance

One of the  benefits of SIW french doors is their look. We take pride in the colors and styles we offer because we put time and careful consideration into what we provide. While impact sliding glass doors have their own benefits, impact french doors definitely get favored for their beautiful appearance. These can look beautiful  and at SIW, we do a great deal of custom work. We can make just about any dream impact french door you desire.

Variety of Style

French doors are any type of door that is on a hinge and opens outward. There is a whole variety of impact doors that SIW supplies, which include double opening doors and more. At SIW, we are proud to perform a selection of customized work to meet your specific needs. When it comes to outward opening impact french doors, SIW is sure to provide the desired style and overall look you envision.

High Impact

A more obvious benefit of SIW impact french doors is that they are extremely hurricane resistant – so much that they can withstand winds ranging from 210 to 390 miles per hour. Our impact french doors provide the same resilience as our additional hurricane-resistant windows and products.

Damage Resistant

Because of how high impact these hurricane resistant french doors are, they are able to withstand blunt force trauma and will not shatter. We see this as an important and essential quality in impact french doors and windows because there’s no telling what type of debris or speed of wind may arise, especially during a hurricane.

Save on Electric With SIW French Doors

These impact french doors will allow for you to save on your electric bill. Our products do do this because the heat is not able to gather from light seeping through the french doors. Our impact windows and french doors are able to reflect the heat away instead of draw it in. So not only do you get an exceptional french door, but you will also have an energy efficient product that can help keep your home at a cool temperature.

Why Choose SIW Impact French Doors?

SIW impact windows and french doors are top quality, trustworthy products with an extensive amount of benefits. Not only do we provide a safe and effective window but we also offer a beautiful, energy-saving, and resilient product. When it comes to having the best of the best in your home, you can count on SIW windows and french doors.