Rolling Windows


  • Maximum size tested 144 X 76 & 173″ x 60″ up to +/ 80.0
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum is painted with a electrostatic paint for a low maintenance
  • Frame depth is 3″ for windows
  • Nominal wall thickness is .078 for all windows.
  • Brass tandem rollers for dependable long-life operation
  • Configurations of XO, OX and XOX are available.


  • Die cast sash lock for strength and security
  • Egress connector bar provides single step operation
  • Multiple glazing options are available to meet various design requirements


Best Impact Rolling Windows on the Market

There’s no denying that impact resistant windows and doors are beneficial, especially in the event that a natural disaster and storm forms. However, not all impact window and door companies are created alike! At SIW Windows and Doors, you can always trust that the impact windows and doors you are looking for are truly great quality products, including our impact rolling windows.

Get Protection with the Best Hurricane Resistant Rolling Windows

Like additional impact resistant products at SIW Windows and Doors, our impact rolling windows provide the best protection from hurricanes, tropical storms, and debris. Each product of ours is built to resist the highest of all winds, so you can rest assured that your windows will remain intact. Our hurricane resistant rolling windows are great because you can still view the outdoors but feel protected in the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado.

Unique Design Options for Impact Rolling Windows

A great benefit that you cannot ignore about our impact rolling windows at SIW Windows and Doors is that there are a number of different style options. You get to choose how you want your impact rolling windows to look! When it comes to our variety of color and glazing options, it’s always nice to know that you don’t have to trade a good appearance for hurricane protection – you can always have both a great looking window AND protection from harm!

Why Turn to SIW Windows & Doors for Hurricane Resistant Products?

When it comes to wanting to feel protected – especially from a natural disaster as severe as a hurricane – SIW Windows and Doors is always here for you. We want every homeowner to feel secure and protected, which is why we only provide the best impact rolling windows on the market. All of our hurricane resistant products are built to keep you safe from threatening winds, break-ins, and damage. Let us help you feel safe in your own home with our high quality impact rolling windows.