SIW Impact Windows and Doors Urges Change In Window Manufacturing Industry

SIW Impact Windows and Doors Urges Change In Window Manufacturing Industry

Delray Beach, FL – SIW is urging the window manufacturing industry to take heed of the negative environmental impact of vinyl window manufacturing.

SIW Impact Windows and Doors, one of the largest aluminun impact resistant window manufacturers in South Florida is calling for the window manufacturing industry to be more environmentally responsible.

Abe Lopez, President of SIW Impact Windows commented: “There are still vinyl windows been manufactured and it simply isn’t safe, not only for the homeowners, the manufacturing workers but also the environment.”

Vinyl chloride, used in the manufacturing process of vinyl is an extremely volatile and flammable gas that emits other dangerous gases in the manufacturing process. There have been several studies regarding vinyl chloride and its health effects. In 1930, a study which exposed test animals to vinyl chloride, caused liver damage. There have been several subsequent studies that further validated these initial findings.

The other primary chemical makeup of Vinyl includes EDC and VCM, both of which have been shown to produce and release carcinogens. VCM production facilities have been shown to cause an array of health issues including neurotoxicity and cancer.

Mr. Lopez recounts one of the original discoveries of the dangers of VCM facilities: “In the early seventies BF Goodrich, a vinyl production facility, issued a press release stating that they were investigating several cancer-related deaths of employees after three employees were diagnosed and succumbed to a rare form of liver cancer.“

But perhaps the largest danger relating to the manufacture and use of vinyl products is the dangerous carcinogen dioxin that is released when vinyl products are burned, making them impossible to recycle sitting on land fields forever. In fact, Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin, commonly called dioxin, was the chemical used by would-be assassins who tried to assassinate Ukranian president Viktor Yushchenko in 2004.

Many large organizations such as Apple, Whole Foods, Target, Johnson & Johnson, Nike and Wal-Mart have phased out the use of vinyl which further fuels SIW’s crusade toward a “greener” industry as mentioned in

“We have a responsibility as manufacturers of consumer products to produce effective, but safe and environmentally friendly products. Vinyl is quite simply the antipode of an ethical, sustainable, green building material. While the process is longer and perhaps more costly, our impact windows are environmentally friendly and also more efficient.”