Hurricane Preparedness: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Preparedness: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma – it’s the category 5 natural disaster that’s all over the news as those from both South Florida and surrounding islands rush to prepare for the worst. Being classified as the strongest hurricane to have ever passed in the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Irma has struck fear and scarcity into the minds of the public. As safety measures, protocols, and evacuations begin, the importance and need to prepare for the hurricane ensues.

How to Prepare for A Hurricane Like Hurricane Irma

There is a list of ways to prepare for a hurricane as impactful as Hurricane Irma, which has a trajectory for the Keys and counties of South Florida after it moves from the surrounding Caribbean Islands.

Be and Stay Informed

It’s important that you stay informed about the travel and predictions of the hurricane and its impact. Being in the know is one of the most critical hurricane preparation tips because it makes you aware of what’s currently going on and what locations to turn to as well as stay away from. In the event of complete disaster, it can be critical to be informed especially if you must evacuate a particular high risk location.

Stack Up On Supplies

Whether the power goes out for a couple days, a week or two, or not at all, it’s vital to keep as much food and supplies as possible. It’s advisable to stock up on bottled water, water jugs, and/or pitchers of water. Loading up on enough foods, such as canned foods (non perishable), bread, nut butter, jelly, apples, dried fruits, nuts, soups, jerky, and such, that will last you days to weeks is also recommended. It can also be smart to precook rice, pasta, and grains. Food and water aren’t the only supplies you should stock up on though. Make sure you get flashlights, batteries, portable chargers, matches, lighters, candles, battery operated radios, as well as necessary tools for boarding up like hammers, nails, and wood. It’s also wise to get cash out of the ATM before the storm hits and load up on gas for your car.

Board Up or Take Shelter

If you decide to stay in a location that is at risk for Hurricane Irma, then you need to make sure you prepare your home. Having hurricane resistant windows, impact french doors, and impact sliding glass doors that are able to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes like Hurricane Irma is extremely helpful. This can help protect you from the speed of the winds and damage from debris. If you have shutters, it’s wise to put those up before the storm arrives! Without either impact glass windows or hurricane shutters, you can still make an effort to board up your windows and sliding glass doors with wood if you have to. Being on the bottom floor of a building puts you at risk for excessive flooding from the outside, which is why you may want to consider taking shelter elsewhere if you are unable to board up or find the home incapable of  withstanding large amounts of water from floods. Find out if you can stay with a friend or relative in a safer location. You may also want to consider driving away from Hurricane Irma. The only problem with this is sometimes the trajectory changes, which means target points could be different than originally anticipated.

Bag Up Documents and Electronics

Good advice for hurricane preparation during Hurricane Irma includes gathering important information and placing it in plastic bags. This can include your social security card, identification, passports, checks, letters, pictures, paystubs, court documents, etc. In the event of excess flooding, it will benefit you because your information won’t be destroyed from water damage. Bagging up electronics in large plastic bags and garbage bags is also a good idea. This can prevent them from water damage as well, which will allow them to work properly when recovered.

Find Out About Flood Insurance Policies

A smart way to be proactive about water damage and flooding is to learn what your current insurance policies are and see if you are able to change them if you need to. It’s always better to make the attempt and be prepared in case you need flood insurance for your car, home, or office.

Know Emergency Resources and Make Hurricane Plans

Finding safety during Hurricane Irma is important because you don’t want to stay in the middle of a high risk location and put yourself or loved ones in danger. If you are required to or feel it necessary to evacuate your location, then make a hurricane plan. This can include finding safe locations and resources like shelters, power stations, available gas, and more. Sign up to have alerts sent to you via text or email. This can help you find routes to take and places to go.

Benefits of Hurricane Protection

The benefits of hurricane protection and hurricane preparedness are being equipped with enough food, supplies, information, and resources to keep you away from the detrimental consequences of severe hurricanes like Hurricane Irma. When you are best prepared for a hurricane, you set yourself up for success and can be ready for any type of situation that may arise as a result of the natural disaster. Whether you decide to head away from Hurricane Irma or stay put, it’s important to know how to prepare for the hurricane best. Whether you thought ahead and have impact windows, impact sliding glass doors, and impact french doors or not, make sure you set yourself up to be as safe as possible with the right supplies, foods, and protection.

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