The Advantages of Installing Impact Resistant Windows

The Advantages of Installing Impact Resistant Windows

Living in South Florida, protecting your home from a hurricane is high up on your priority list. With every year comes a new hurricane season. And for many people, that means inevitably having to put up shutters. However, there is a reason you see so many homes leaving up their shutters many months after a hurricane. The inconvenience of putting up and taking down shutters. Luckily, there is an alternative method for protecting your home, Impact Resistant Windows.

SIW Windows & Doors‘ Hurricane Resistant Windows are made of the highest quality aluminum. Our hurricane impact resistant windows are designed to imitate the look of wood. That way, you eliminate the need for high maintenance and costs. An impressive alternative to protecting your home from storm debris.

How Your Home Benefits From Impact-Resistant Windows

From the durability to the affordability to the curb appeal. Impact resistant windows upgrade your home’s hurricane defenses. They are critical for effective hurricane protection in South Florida.

Wondering how you can benefit from Hurricane Resistant Windows? Let SIW Windows & Door show you.

Hurricane Damage Protection

Think of impact-resistant windows as a protective shield for your home. One that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This protection is a necessity in South Florida. Whether there is a hurricane or not. Being prepared will always benefit you, your home, and your finances.

Our Hurricane Resistant Windows are as strong as they are visually stunning. Built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions South Florida has to offer.

Traveling or leaving town during a hurricane? Feel safe knowing your home has non-stop protection from the most extreme storms.

Theft Protection For Your Home

Every 20.9 seconds in the U.S., a home gets broken into. An additional benefit impact resistant windows provide is burglary protection. They make it nearly impossible for any to break into your home.

Many families have our windows installed just for this purpose alone.

Improve Energy Efficiency For Your Home

It is safe to say that as a homeowner in South Florida, we are all guilty of spending more than needed on our energy bill. Especially with the summer heat that is felt almost all year long, the ac system to put to the test.

Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows help reduce the amount of energy your home uses. Throughout the year, they help keep cold air in while keeping out the humid air out.

Reduce Noise

Another fantastic reason for investing in pact windows is noise reduction. This is especially valuable for homes built near:

  • Busy Intersections
  • Highways
  • Noisy Neighborhoods
  • Busy City Streets

Hurricane Resistant Windows provides a highly effective way to reduce loud noises.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Most insurance providers offer premium discounts for installing impact-resistant windows. They recognize impact windows as being an effective method for protecting your home.

Are you unsure as to whether or not your policy offers discounts on hurricane windows? It is definitely worth giving your insurance company a call to find out. The savings are significant enough to possibly offset the original cost of installation.

At SIW Windows & Doors, we take pride in ensuring safety for your family and your home. Living in South Florida, we are forced to endure weather, unlike any other state. Thus, hurricane protection is a necessity. So why not get the most of preparing for the inevitable? That is what makes Impact Resistant Windows the most cost-effective and reliable hurricane protection.

No longer worry about boarding up or putting up and taking down shutters. Trust in the high impact windows provided by SIW Impact Windows and Doors. Please feel free to contact our Impact Glass Experts today.

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