Fort Lauderdale Impact Windows & Doors

fort lauderdale impact windowsWhether you are looking for impact pivot doors or garage glass doors in Fort Lauderdale, SIW caters to you with premium hurricane resistant products. Finding the right impact-resistant windows, doors, and glass garage doors can seem like a tough task. Establishing a plan can help you with deciding on where to turn for all of your impact glass product needs.

Finding Impact Pivot Doors  in Fort Lauderdale

There are some facts about impact windows and pivot doors that you should keep in mind. The most important idea to hold onto is that not every impact window or pivot door is created equally!

Do Your Research

It’s essential to do your research before doing anything. This includes when you are browsing impact windows and pivot doors in Fort Lauderdale. This research portion is necessary because specific impact windows and pivot doors may be better in quality than others. It’s best to discover that before you purchase an impact product that you are unhappy with. At SIW, we take the time to inform you about our impact products because we believe in educating every customer about why our impact windows and pivot doors stand out for the better. For example, SIW hurricane-resistant impact windows and pivot doors can withstand winds ranging from 210 to 390 miles an hour! Not to mention, SIW offers a range of options for our impact pivot doors near Fort Lauderdale. Whether you desire a particular color or design, we customize each impact resistant pivot door to meet your needs.

Learn About Impact Glass Product Features

In doing your research for a Fort Lauderdale impact window and door company, you should be able to learn more about the impact product and what it is supposed to do. It’s in your best interest to know what features set one type of impact window apart from the next. SIW takes pride in our design with double glazing panes because it provides enough layers to prevent shattering, even when a heavy object comes it’s way. This is what makes an impact window ideal for when hurricanes approach.

Understand the Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors in Fort Lauderdale

There are far more benefits than just the features of an impact product. An excellent impact window and pivot door will be energy efficient because of its multiple layers being able to contribute to pushing the heat from the sun away. This means that not only will it stay cooler in the home, but you will spend less money on your electric bill because the air conditioning system won’t be battling to keep the air low. Additional benefits of impact pivot doors and windows can be that it is challenging to break and enter through. Impact windows are designed to withstand substantial force. This makes it nearly impossible to break the window or door and get in.

Fort Lauderdale Impact Garage Glass Doors

While not every impact glass company offers hurricane resistant garage glass doors in Fort Lauderdale, but SIW does! We aim to please all of our clients with our exceptional impact products.

One of the most critical parts of the home that you should make impact-resistant is your glass garage doors. The hurricane resistant impact material keeps your garage glass doors more strong and durable than ever.

Aside from hurricane protection, impact garage glass doors also benefit the homeowner financially. When all openings to the house are secured with impact windows and doors, the rate of your homeowner insurance can significantly decrease. Upon completion of the addition of impact products to all openings in the home, a home inspection needs to be set up so that representatives from the homeowner’s insurance company can qualify you for up to a 45% premium discount.

Ultimately, it is essential to know about the impact glass products in Fort Lauderdale that you are looking into purchasing. There are all types of companies offering impact windows and glass garage doors in Fort Lauderdale. But, only the best should stand out! SIW impact windows and doors are pleased with the quality of our impact products, and we know you will be too!