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You May Want Hurricane Windows If…

Hurricane impact windows are becoming increasingly popular throughout the South Florida region. In fact, almost every other home that you see probably has hurricane windows fitted into them. If you, however, are out of the many who still don’t have such windows on their property, you should consider getting them […]

Why Installing Impact Windows is Important More Than Ever

While there may not be anything necessarily wrong with your current windows, getting them replaced with newer models wouldn’t be a bad idea. It seems pointless considering that your windows right now are fulfilling your needs. But it’s imperative you keep in mind that replacing your current windows with newer […]

Signs You Need to Replace Your Doors

Your doors are very important features of your property. They ultimately serve as a form of protection from the outside world while simultaneously giving you a passage from between your interiors and exteriors. For this reason, it’s crucial that you’re aware of when you need to replace them.  Without knowing […]

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

In today’s modern world, one of the most important assets that you could own involves property. And because of this, you always want to ensure that its protection is at its most optimal. So whenever you recognize signs of faulty windows that haven’t been keeping up to your standards lately, […]

SIW’s Casement & Project Out Impact Windows

One of the absolute best features of SIW Impact Windows & Doors company as a whole is that they offer clients a wide assortment of products to choose from. The team over at SIW understands just how much customers love variety. For this reason, SIW doesn’t only limit itself to […]

Why Impact Doors Are Better Than Normal Doors

Everyday, more and more Floridians are making the switch from their standard doors to new impact-resistant ones. And if you’re one who still has their normal doors, you’re probably wondering why residents are making such a decision. Moreover, you’re also probably thinking if you should get your doors replaced, too. […]