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SIW’s Impact Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re a Florida resident, then severe weather preparedness is always a necessity. Getting your home prepped for tropical storms and hurricanes is absolutely essential in ensuring you and other residents are protected. And typically, when making sure your home is shielded during the storm, the first thing you usually […]

SIW’s Rolling Impact Windows

If you’ve lived in South Florida long enough, then you’re probably aware of the weather conditions that can affect your home. Tropical storms and hurricanes are always a reoccurring problem. And many Floridians go out of their way just to protect their homes and other property, namely, their windows. There […]

Decorative Impact Windows & Doors

If you’re a Florida homeowner then you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to keep your house looking stylish while dealing with the elements. Your home isn’t just shelter, it’s also a dwelling where you want to maintain its appeal. It can also be an investment for others […]

Impact Window Maintenance

At first glance, maintaining your impact windows may seem like a simple cleaning procedure. But impact windows are higher in quality in comparison to a standard window. And with higher quality comes higher maintenance. The key feature to keep in mind when maintaining your impact windows is that they are […]

Using Impact Windows To Protect Your Home

Impact windows are an excellent investment for the home as they offer a number of benefits to homeowners. Among these benefits are increased property value, lowered insurance cost, and of course, increased protection. Protection against what exactly? Impact windows are originally designed to protect against severe storms, like tornadoes, tropical […]

How Do Hurricane Impact Windows Work?

Hurricanes are the most destructive force of nature that Floridians have to deal with. Heavy rains, major flooding, and intense winds are all major areas of concern when it comes to a hurricane that has targeted the state. While many Floridians look to hurricane shutters to protect their home when […]