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The Advantages of Installing Impact Resistant Windows

Living in South Florida, protecting your home from a hurricane is high up on your priority list. With every year comes a new hurricane season. And for many people, that means inevitably having to put up shutters. However, there is a reason you see so many homes leaving up their shutters many months after a hurricane. The inconvenience of putting up and taking down shutters. Luckily, there is an alternative method for protecting your home, Impact Resistant Windows. SIW Windows & Doors‘ Hurricane Resistant Windows are made of the highest quality aluminum. Our hurricane impact resistant windows are designed to […]

When Is Hurricane Season In Florida

Living in South Florida, you become accustomed to a lot of strange weather. From the constant heat and humidity to the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms. Every year, Florida homeowners prepare themselves for the oncoming storms. This includes powerful winds, torrential downpours, floods, and power outages. But many people wonder when does hurricane season start exactly? And more importantly, what is the best way to prepare. When Does Hurricane Season Start Every June 1st, Hurricane Season officially starts and runs until November 30th. This extended period of time is what we call the “Hurricane Season”. A period in which […]

Hurricane Preparedness: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma – it’s the category 5 natural disaster that’s all over the news as those from both South Florida and surrounding islands rush to prepare for the worst. Being classified as the strongest hurricane to have ever passed in the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Irma has struck fear and scarcity into the minds of the public. As safety measures, protocols, and evacuations begin, the importance and need to prepare for the hurricane ensues.

Deter Breakins

Think impact resistant windows are just for hurricane season? Think again! SIW Impact Windows & Doors create custom-made impact windows to protect your home. The shatter resistant glass makes breaking windows virtually impossible, deterring petty break-ins. Our doors are some of the strongest in the industry. Designed to withstand gale force winds, a new door from SIW also seals your home to invaders. It’s no surprise that homes and businesses across Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade trust SIW to protect them from life’s surprises.

Breaking the Hurricane Damage Cycle in West Palm Beach

Businesses and homes in coastal West Palm Beach have received a safety-friendly facelift with new impact-resistant glass from SIW Impact Windows & Doors. Stronger than your average window, the custom manufactured pieces are a beautiful and security conscious choice for homes in trendy West Palm Beach. Experts estimate that hurricanes have caused $64 billion in damage to Florida structures since 2000. Nowhere are precautions more necessary than South Florida. SIW has been busy manufacturing and installing impact resistant windows in the West Palm Beach area. With hurricane season upon us, families and businesses have realized that now is the time […]

Impact Pivot Doors

One of our most popular and innovative products are our Impact Pivot Doors. SIW’s pivot doors offer the same protection and impact resistance that has become synonomous with all of our SIW products, but with a beautiful design and amazing options to customization including nine wood color options and several glass color options. Whether you’re looking for a classic, mahogany finish for a library or study, or a contemporary honey-pine finish for a soundproof drum booth, SIW has the materials and expertise to help you create the perfect impact pivot door.