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SIWs Different Types of Impact Doors

SIW prides itself on providing the most quality impact doors to exist in the market. But we don’t just take pride in selling any type of impact doors. We take pride in selling a wide assortment of them. And when we say wide assortment, we mean many different variations. Homeowners […]

All About SIW’s Impact French Doors

Finding accessories to beautify and protect your home can be a challenge. But it doesn’t need to be difficult. When you browse through SIW’s inventory of products, you’ll find many items that will protect and also enhance the look of your property. One of our most popular products is our […]

Why You Should Install An Impact Pivot Door

If you’re a commercial or residential property owner, then you might be interested in having one or more of our impact pivot doors installed. Our impact pivot doors grant your property the protection it needs while still providing a stylistic appearance. And most of all, they can be installed just […]

SIW’s Impact Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re a Florida resident, then severe weather preparedness is always a necessity. Getting your home prepped for tropical storms and hurricanes is absolutely essential in ensuring you and other residents are protected. And typically, when making sure your home is shielded during the storm, the first thing you usually […]

SIW’s Rolling Impact Windows

If you’ve lived in South Florida long enough, then you’re probably aware of the weather conditions that can affect your home. Tropical storms and hurricanes are always a reoccurring problem. And many Floridians go out of their way just to protect their homes and other property, namely, their windows. There […]

Decorative Impact Windows & Doors

If you’re a Florida homeowner then you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to keep your house looking stylish while dealing with the elements. Your home isn’t just shelter, it’s also a dwelling where you want to maintain its appeal. It can also be an investment for others […]