Impact Windows in Miami-Dade

Impact Windows In Miami

Like the rest of South Florida, Miami lives in threat of being targeted by powerful, devastating hurricanes six months out of the year. This makes high-quality, impact-resistant windows a smart investment for home and property owners in the area. Those homeowners looking to outfit their home with top-of-the-line impact windows in Miami can turn to SIW Impact Windows & Doors. We’re the number one choice for hurricane impact windows in South Florida. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction is our goal for each and every client we come across.

Our Selection Of Impact Windows 

SIW Impact Windows & Doors offers the most durable impact windows in the business. Across the board, our impact windows outperform our competitors like CGI and PGT. Since SIW was founded in 2002, we’ve been providing the most durable and most reliable hurricane impact windows in South Florida. Our selection of hurricane impact windows in Miami is designed to fit the style of homes in the area best. Regardless of the style of your window, we can custom cut and provide hurricane impact glass that perfectly fits the shape of your window. 

Casement & Project Out Impact Windows

All of our windows are designed in direct correlation with the size and shape of your window. Our casement impact windows open outwards, utilizing hinges on either the left or right side of the window frame or the top or bottom of the window frame. Hurricane impact casement windows are also known as hurricane impact project-out windows or hurricane impact awning windows. SIW Windows & Doors is South Florida’s number one choice for hurricane impact windows. 

Impact Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are a common type of window in South Florida. On single hung windows, the top sash is fixed in place and does not move, but the bottom sash is operable. Imagine a standard window that opens from the bottom – that’s a single hung window. Our impact single hung windows in Miami are affordable, and higher rated than our competitors. Want to make the switch to impact glass? Receive a free quote for hurricane impact single hung windows – call us toll-free at (877) 274-8283 or contact us online. 

Impact Rolling Windows

Impact horizontal rolling windows work similarly to sliding glass doors. The sash slides open, making this style very popular for contemporary and modern homes. SIW Impact Windows & Doors offers the highest quality hurricane impact rolling windows in Miami. Protect your home in the style of your choice with impact rolling windows in Miami. 

Impact Fixed Windows And Impact Architectural Windows

Impact fixed windows in Miami are popular in apartments and modern homes. Since these windows don’t open, they’re primarily used to allow light into a room or accent the design of a home. These are often large windows and should be treated with the same, if not more care than smaller windows. 

Impact architectural windows in Miami are often oddly shaped for stylistic reasons. Finding impact glass for these odd-shaped windows can be tough, but not for SIW. SIW Impact Windows & Doors custom cuts impact glass for impact architectural windows. 

Impact Commercial Storefront Windows

Retail and commercial stores know that impact storefront windows are critical to preserving the integrity of a business. If a hurricane hits a storefront, the damage to the building and the product inside can be devastating. It’s for this reason that SIW Impact Windows & Doors believes that impact storefront windows in Miami is so critical. Protect your business and provide yourself with peace of mind when you install impact storefront windows. 

Choose SIW For All Of Your Impact Window Needs 

SIW Impact Windows & Doors is the leading provider of high-quality impact windows in Miami, FL. With several different styles to fit every property and the highest-rated impact glass in the industry, SIW Impact Windows & Doors is the clear choice for impact windows in Miami. Learn more – contact us online or give us a call, toll-free at (877) 274-8283.