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South Florida’s leading manufacture of residential High-End impact-resistant windows and doors releases a new window and door system for its product line. Our Storefront System is capable of achieving and exceeding very high wind load demands. Its thick-walled construction allows SIW to comply and exceed the required pressures with XXL panels and minimal mull interruption. This commercial system is available in White, Bronze, Anodized & Woodgrains.

This Product series introduction expands SIW’s Commercial product portfolio with solutions for Hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, storefronts, modern homes, and condominiums. With a combination of high design pressures and impact-resistant glazing, it is the perfect choice for hurricane-prone areas. This series may be interior or exterior glazed.

Why You Should Install Our Commercial Impact Windows

Storm Protection

When you get retail store impact windows installed on your property, it’s like as if you’ve just added a massive shield to your home. And this shield provides ultimate protection 24/7 against all of South Florida’s natural elements. No matter if a storm is coming or not, you’ll benefit from being always prepared. Other than being visually stunning, our impact windows are strong and can withstand any harsh storms. Even when flying debris occurs and strikes your new storefront impact windows, they won’t shatter as the plastic films that cover your windows will help keep them intact. Rest assured, you can sleep at night knowing that your windows can’t be penetrated, even during the harshest hurricane attack

Criminal Protection

Storm protection is typically the ultimate reason why most Floridians get our retail store hurricane windows installed. But besides being shielded from storms, our commercial impact windows also shield your property against criminals. No amount of human force is able to destroy our impact windows. So rest assured, when they’re installed on your commercial property, no criminal will be able to break them. Even if they were able to cause a tiny crack, our windows are shatter-proof, so entry is impossible. Ultimately, you can relax as no looters will be able to enter your store as you’re away.

Energy Efficiency

Paying for monthly energy bills can be a huge problem for many commercial property owners. Your normal windows actually contribute to a significant amount of heat gain in your store because they don’t entirely seal off. So heat seeps in, causing your A/C to overwork itself, and you end up paying more than what you should. But no worries, with our retail hurricane glass doors installed, heat will no longer be a problem. The tight seal that our windows and doors create reduces the amount of ultraviolet rays that enter your property. So you can still expect a cool interior and still pay for less with your monthly energy bills.

Noise Reduction

Thanks to the density and insulation of our impact windows and doors, loud noises are a problem of the past. When these are installed on your commercial property, our impact windows will allow a quieter and peaceful to ensue within your building. Your customers and employees will no longer be annoyed by sounds caused by:

  • nearby highways
  • noisy neighbors
  • busy city streets
  • passers-by
  • and much more

Reduced Insurance

Florida commercial properties are usually very costly when it comes to insurance. This is because you’ll need to be covered more in the event that a natural disaster comes and attacks your building, leaving it damaged and unsightly. But when you make improvements to your property’s defenses, your insurance provider will reward you for your efforts. And for an easy reduction in your insurance premiums, all you simply need to do is install commercial impact windows and doors. You’ll pay less in insurance due to their addition and you’ll receive better protection in return.

Product Specifications

  • Tested up to 72sqft.
  • Unlimited panels with an H-Mull for an easy installation.
  • WindowWall system up to 132″.
  • 7/16″ ,9/16″ , 1″ ,1-1/4″ and decorative leaded glass types approved for Zone 1 and Zone 2.
  • Anchored and Anchored Less Jambs for an even easier installation.



When it comes to retail and commercial store front windows and doors, it’s practically – if not entirely – necessary to go impact. When a hurricane hits and there is no impact product surrounding a retail or commercial store location, then the results can be devastating. Nobody wants to have to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane, especially when it comes to cleaning up the business location and getting all new windows and doors. That is why the best course of action to take is to get guaranteed hurricane protection with impact resistant windows and doors.



SIW offers impact proof windows and doors. These products are considered as strong and resilient as they are because it all comes down to the hurricane resistant glass that they are composed of. The impact windows and doors consist of double glazed pane with an aluminum frame to create ample stability and strength. There are layers of glass with a plastic film keeping them in place. So, even if the outside layer were to crack, the other layers will remain unaffected because of the film.



With similar reasons for choosing hurricane resistant impact windows and doors at residential locations, retail and commercial settings can also benefit greatly from having high impact resistant products.

Protects Store and Goods

One of the more apparent benefits of switching out current windows and doors at a retail or commercial location with ones that are high impact is that the change can protect the whole store from the effects of a hurricane. Tropical storms and hurricanes can leave horrific results, especially on homes, businesses, and grounds that do not have the proper hurricane-resistant materials. SIW provides excellent quality, hurricane-resistant windows and doors that are guaranteed to withstand winds reaching from 210 to 390 miles per hour. This level of strength for hurricane protection is ideal for retail and commercial locations because the impact glass is essentially shatterproof. If traditional, original windows and doors are left supporting the location and a hurricane hits, then it is highly likely that the glass will be all over the place afterward. Not only can this be a tedious mess to clean up, but the debris can also damage important materials, products, and the store’s interior. This scenario would not take place with impact windows and doors!

Prevents Break Ins and Theft

Another great advantage of having impact windows and doors in the home is that these impact products can significantly reduce break ins and shoplifting. These high impact windows and doors are so thick and essentially unbreakable that heavy objects cannot even break the glass open. This type of security should be implemented at all retail store and commercial locations. If impact windows and doors make it difficult, if not impossible, for thieves to break in, then why wouldn’t a business owner want the beneficial additional security provided by these impact products?

SIW caters to residential and commercial locations because we know that high impact products are all-around in demand. It should be important to retail store operators and commercial business owners to have their locations be as durable, longstanding, and protected as can be.