Decorative Entry Doors

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Your Front Entry Door is a reflection of the style of your home architecture and design. At SIW we offer an extraordinary selection of styles, designs and finishes without compromising the strength. You have the option of selecting a standard design from our catalogs and also design your own. We strongly believe that anything is possible so as long as you can bring us a photo of the design you are looking to accomplish we can match it or get really close to it. Please contact one of our sales representatives today for further information and pricing.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum size for Double Doors 101″ x 144″ and Single Doors 52″ x 144″.
  • Standard Sentinel 3 Point Lock system which includes decorative backplates and Lever handles. Commercial Lock Mechanism with Pull Handles available.
  • Custom Powder Coated Finishes and various Woodgrain Colors available.
  • Standard Sill, Lo-Rise Sill for thin flooring, ADA Sill for Commercial Applications and no sill for courtyard Doors available.
  • Laminated 7/16″ Impact Glass, 9/16″ Laminated Impact & 1″ Impact Glass.



If you’ve found yourself looking at variations of decorative entry doors, then you should consider SIW’s impact custom front doors. We offer the widest variety with options to personalize the product of your choice. When it comes to decorative entry doors, the choices are limitless and the benefits of its impact resistant properties are mountainous.



At SIW, we have a selection of impact products that are sure to please even the most cautious and reluctant of people. Our products like our impact custom front doors are top quality. Whether single or double doors, SIW offers detailed, hurricane resistant custom front doors



The best part about choosing your look for custom front doors is that you get to choose. SIW front entrance doors are more than just impact resistant – they can be as decorative and elaborate as you choose. From door window design to additional door detailing, SIW can meet your specific requests. Why should you have to trade good appearance for protection when SIW offers you both qualities in all impact-resistant custom entry doors.



Sets Tone of Home

Not only is the front door where guests enter but it is the central, inviting portion that sets the overall tone of the home. Presentation is important, but safety is too! Both of these can present reasons for you to have your front door customized according to specific measurements, your personal style, and the general structure of the home.

Hurricane Protection

Let’s not forget how strong and resilient impact products are! When you have a sturdy well-manufactured custom front door that can withstand between 210 and 390 mile per hour winds, you should feel safer in your home! Our impact windows and custom entry doors are approved by and meet the requirements of both Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida. SIW windows and custom front doors are manufactured to be long lasting and durable.

Crime Protection

Even repetitive smashing, banging, pushing and the like won’t be able to bust through or shatter the glass of an SIW product. We take pride in the strength of our windows and front doors because we know that hurricane protection isn’t the only safety measure needed. Our SIW custom entry doors are ideal because of how difficult it is to break through.

While some people think they only need to worry about bottom floor windows and doors, it’s not uncommon for intruders to get in through other entry points, such as the front door. When you have an impact custom front entry door from SIQ, you shouldn’t have to worry about this and can instead count on protection from burglars.



SIW is dedicated to providing the most efficient and well-liked impact-resistant products. We are committed to providing all of our customer’s ideal, personalized, decorative entry doors and windows. When you need to count on impact doors and custom front entry doors with heavy-duty, reliable and protective properties, you can turn to SIW to provide the best of the best!