Glass Garage Doors


If a contemporary style is what you want, SIW hurricane glass garage doors are a perfect complement to your home’s clean, modern look.Transform your home’s appearance with the modern look of a hurricane impact glass and aluminum garage door. Ideal for Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Warehouses and Interior Office Spaces. Manufactured with durable low-maintenance 2″ styles with true divided lites with many glazing options available.They can enhance you home’s glass expanses and patios, perfectly fusing indoor and outdoor spaces. Commercial grade aluminum powder coated in Bronze, White, Woodgrains and also Clear Anodized.

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Product Specifications

  • Glass types : 5/16″ Laminated PVB , 7/16″ Laminated Impact and 11/16″ Insulated Impact.
  • Single Panels 12′ x 14′ impact resistant.
  • Double Panels 18′-4″  x 14′ impact resistant.
  • Solid aluminum panels and privacy glass available.



If you have not yet considered impact glass garage doors and hurricane-resistant windows from SIW Windows and Doors, then now it would be wise to begin looking into the benefits that these products have for your home. Even just making sure that garage doors with glass are impact and can withstand a hurricane is important. It would be awful to deal with the aftermath of a nasty hurricane’s damage, especially when it comes to handling the portions of the home that are completely composed of glass. A hurricane shouldn’t prevent you from keeping your all glass garage doors, but it is a much safer bet to switch out your traditional glass with SIW impact glass and aluminum garage doors so that they will be hurricane-resistant.



When a tropical storm or hurricane hits, there’s no telling which area will be affected in your home, which could include all glass garage doors and windows. The best way to prepare and protect critical parts of your home from minor to extreme damage due to high impact winds and debris is to ensure that you have SIW impact-resistant windows and doors. SIW impact windows and all glass garage doors have been proven to resist winds travelling at 210 to 390 miles per hour. These SIW impact products are also Miami-Dade County and State of Florida Approved.



SIW impact garage doors and windows block 99% of ultraviolet light. Protection from these rays allows for the color of furniture and belongings to keep longer due to the lack of direct sunlight exposure bleeding through. Less heat is able to accumulate through the window because of how these impact glass garage doors and windows block the intensity of the light, which makes them energy-efficient. Due to less heat creeping through the surface and proper insulation, the air conditioning system won’t be battling incoming high temperatures and the electric bill may drop as a result. This is beneficial even in the case of impact garage doors because nobody wants to walk into their garage and feel like they are instantly in a sauna!



Another great quality in high impact garage doors and windows is that the glass has a high resistance from the effects of shattering. With this and the properties of the strong aluminum, SIW impact glass garage doors and windows are ideal for protection from break ins. It would be more than a challenge for a trespasser to make their way inside a home through the door or window since it’s highly unlikely they would break.


SIW Windows and Doors provides hurricane impact glass and aluminum garage doors that can simply replace your current type. The appearance of SIW hurricane-resistant glass garage doors can additionally change the entire tone of your home. These impact garage doors give a desirable, fancy, and contemporary look. You’ll never want to go back to your old style of garage doors.



If protection, security, and looks aren’t motivating enough to switch to SIW impact glass garage doors and windows, then maybe the fact that these products increase the value of your home will be. In addition to that, when all openings in the home have impact-resistant windows or doors, you may be eligible for up to 45% premium discounts on your insurance policy. In order to qualify for this, a home inspection company must be contacted to set up an appointment for them to come to the home and conduct a wind certification inspection.



While most people may focus on impact windows as a priority, having impact garage doors is equally as important, especially when dealing with a hurricane! If the amount of glass on your garage doors is minimal, then the need to switch to high impact hurricane-resistant glass and aluminum garage doors may be mistakenly overlooked. However, this should not go ignored because keeping your standard, non impact glass and garage doors could be disastrous in the event of a real, serious hurricane. Replacing your garage doors with SIW impact-resistant glass garage doors allows for the highest rate of protection, which standard garage doors wouldn’t even have a remote chance of during a hurricane.



Deciding to move forward with impact garage doors and windows doesn’t mean you have to limit your options. SIW Windows and Doors provides several different choices when it comes to styles, glass types, and colors. Because the glass garage door has gotten as popular as it has, there are a variety of glass types that include 5/16” laminated with polyvinyl butyral (PVB), 11/16” laminated and insulated, and ½” insulated (non-impact). SIW glass garage doors have solid aluminum panels with decorative colored glass and privacy glass options.



A high level of efficiency and protection can be seen in high impact glass and aluminum garage doors. SIW impact-resistant windows and garage doors provide a sense of security for your home and shield you from the damaging effects of a hurricane. It’s a wonder why everybody wouldn’t switch over to all impact glass doors and windows. With all of the benefits of hurricane protection, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and appearance, it only makes sense to invest in these quality SIW impact glass garage doors and windows.



SIW Windows and Doors offers aluminum garage doors with hurricane impact glass for high quality, ultimate protection. Other companies may offer vinyl garage doors and windows. Which is more efficient?

Facts About Vinyl

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows made of vinyl can warp, twist, bow, fade, and crack. In fact, it was stated four times by the department since 1994.

The Canadian Department of Natural Resources Consumer Guide stated in 2005 that temperature is a variable for vinyl, causing it to expand and shrink. The department went as far as to say it creates “cracks for air leakage.”

Canadian Research and Technology in Housing also mentioned in 2005 that vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), becomes so brittle in cold climates that it can fall apart.

It was found by the Canadian Centre for Energy Technology during the Study of Long Term Performance of Operating Windows that the amount of escaped air increased by 136% in vinyl windows – a rate much higher than aluminum.

The United States Department of Agriculture came to its own conclusion regarding vinyl in 2000, also finding it can tighten, become hard, and break.

Facts About Aluminum Garage Doors and Windows

When compared with vinyl, aluminum is three times the strength. Aluminum garage doors and windows are low-maintenance, as well as highly resistant to breakage and shrinkage. Greater mass is found in aluminum than in vinyl, which means that aluminum garage doors and windows can provide greater noise reduction due to blocking out more sound.