Ornamental Doors

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Entry Doors are the most vital element in a home and commercial center. At SIW we not only offer beautiful and elegant entry doors but also secure, durable & impact resistant. We offer a wide selection of Ornamental Wrought Iron Doors where you can pick from or we can help you come up with your own. Our trained Sales Reps & Drafters can customize any design to your taste. You can even visit our showroom and check out the unmatched quality of our products. Please contact one of our sales representatives for further information and pricing.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum size for Double Doors 76″ x 132″ and Single Doors 39 3/8″ x 132″ / 48″ x 120″.
  • Standard Sentinel 3 Point Lock system which includes decorative backplates and Lever handles. Commercial Lock Mechanism with Pull Handles available.
  • Custom Powder Coated Finishes and various Woodgrain Colors available.
  • Standard Sill, Lo-Rise Sill for thin flooring, ADA Sill for Commercial Applications and no sill for courtyard Doors available.
  • Laminated 7/16″ Impact Glass & 1″ Insulated Impact.
  • Hinged Ornamental  Wrought Iron for easy cleaning available.

There’s such a feeling of safety and beauty when looking at impact ornamental doors and windows. Not only are tehy incredible products with capabilities of withstanding the toughest of hurricane winds but they are also attractive to the eye. These hurricane resistant products provide such an exceptional amount of benefits that it’s a wonder why everyone doesn’t have these types of custom impact ornamental doors and windows!



At SIW, we are all about providing the most options for window and door choices with the same top quality glass and impact resistant properties. Our high impact ornamental doors allow for the most eclectic, classy and unique designs made from wrought iron. These designs can allow for you to have the entry door that you have always wanted while still being highly resistant to impact and hurricane damage. There’s something special about being able to add different designs to make an already great impact product even better!



You can also opt to have our SIW impact ornamental doors include garnishing backplates and lever handles to create an even more enticing visual appearance for the home. Then, there is a selection of colors and finishes to choose from. When it comes to how to create the shape and design with the iron on the ornamental door, there ends up being a limitless number of different door possibilities. Whether a more classier or modern look is desired, SIW is equipped to handle the project. We are geniuses when it comes to customizing our impact proof windows and doors.



People may be under the incorrect assumption that getting impact windows significantly narrows down your style options but this could not be more untrue. From impact sliding glass doors to pivot doors to these remarkable ornamental doors to, SIW proves to showcase variety and good taste in all windows and doors – all while ensuring that they are impact and hurricane resistant!



It cannot go ignored that not only are impact ornamental doors strong and lovely, but they have an unbelieveable amount of additional advantages. From energy efficiency to break-in security, these windows seem to be able to provide just about any benefit. All SIW impact windows and doors allow for less energy to be used up in the house because the layers of the glass blocks out the sun’s rays, which means the heat does not seep through the glass. Because of this blockage of heat from the hot sun, the air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to fight to ward off the heat. This can ultimately drop your electric bill! As far as the benefits of keeping out intruders, SIW windows and ornamental doors possess such strong impact resistant qualities that not even a heavy object thrown at a fast speed could knock and shatter all layers of glass. The end result is that break ins are near impossible!

All in all, hurricane resistant ornamental doors prove to be another fantastic impact product offered by SIW. Beautiful doors that can magnify the lovely tone to a home, these impact ornamental doors prove to have the best of qualities!