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SIW offers one of the highest performing hurricane resistant pivoting door in the industry meeting and exceeding the Miami Dade & Florida Building Codes. Meeting and exceeding the Miami Dade & Florida Building Codes. Our impact pivot doors are designed for applications with a very large opening and minimal space interruption. The best choice for modern & contemporary homes, commercial storefronts,car dealerships, hotels, restaurants as well as existing residential entry door systems. Offset and center pivot points are available for all sizes and designs. The smooth & quiet operation of our Pivot Door complements any tranquil environment. Pivot doors can be built with full glass, true divided lites, and decorative muntins.

Why You Should Install Our Pivot Doors


The durability of our impact pivot doors are so profound that they offer the same benefits as our impact windows and other similar products offer. Regardless of how strong or severe a storm can get, your new glass pivot door will remain intact and will continue to provide the necessary protection you need. More so, because of their durability, you can expect them to live for a long time.

Noise Reduction

One of the absolute greatest benefits of our impact doors is that they provide more than just beauty and storm protection. Due to their density and the many layers of glass they’re created with, they can reduce sound. And besides density, the other reason why they reduce noise is because their design creates a drop in external sound by being so properly insulated. So by installing our pivot doors on your property, you’ll be less disturbed by outside noises that are typically caused by noisy neighbors, traffic, or even pestering animals.

Decorative Look

You’ll, of course, receive plentiful protection from the Florida elements when you have one or more of our pivot doors installed. But besides protection, our impact pivot doors also provide a unique and beautiful appearance to your property. And here at SIW, we take tremendous pride in crafting decorative impact pivot doors for our clients.

And the reason why so many choose our products is that we offer clients the choice to customize their own impact pivot door. You have the option of choosing from one of our many different colors for your wood and glass.

Criminal Protection

There is virtually no amount of human force that can destroy your new door. It can take a lot to bust through the density and strength of our impact glass pivot doors. And even if they were to succeed in creating a tiny crack, the glass of our pivot doors is shatter-resistant. So basically, no intruder will invade your home and you can sleep soundly at night as you won’t have any break-ins or vandalists destroying your property.

Heat Reduction

Our impact pivot doors at SIW are designed to reduce the entry of ultraviolet rays that enter your home. They’re able to do this because of their durable aluminum frames and dense, double-glazing panes that block the heat out. And as a result, you save yourself a lot of money thanks to their energy efficiency.

Regular windows will allow heat to seep through and enter your home easily, raising the indoor temperature. And when this happens, your A/C will overwork to keep your interior cool. But with our impact pivot doors, you can live in a cooler environment more often than usual. Additionally, you’ll also gain some monetary benefits every time your monthly energy bill arrives.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum size of 72″ x 108″ and 60″ x 120″ on a single panel.
  • White & Bronze Frames are the standard choices but various Woodgrain Colors, Clear Anodized & Custom Colors are available at an additional cost.
  • Standard Sentinel 3-Point Lock system which includes decorative backplates & Lever handles. Custom Commercial lock mechanism with Pull Handles available.
  • Standard ADA Sill.
  • 7/16″ Laminated Impact Glass for full panels and 1″ Insulated Impact Glass for True Divided Lites.
  • Custom Frame is available for 1/4″ cladding inside and out (with no approval).



If you’ve ever experienced a hurricane without impact pivot doors and windows, then you obviously understand how inefficient traditional standard products can be and how much of a game-changer these high impact, hurricane-resistant products could be. From impact glass garage doors and hurricane-resistant windows to a high impact glass pivot door, SIW has you covered for all of your impact protection needs.

Switching from standard traditional doors and windows to impact-resistant products is extremely beneficial and doesn’t come at the cost of limitations either. There are a variety of impact products to choose from, even when it comes to impact doors alone. With the options of impact pivot doors, glass garage doors, bi-fold doors, french doors, sliding glass doors, and decorate and contemporary entry doors, SIW offers a selection that leaves much up to your personal preference. Pivot entry doors have been rising in popularity for both residential and commercial use due to the amount of modern homes and need for coverage of large openings because of architectural design.



Like pivot doors, impact sliding glass doors have a multitude of benefits. How do you decide which is best for you and if it can work in the area preferred by you? Pivot doors are fantastic options for where there is a large amount of space and enough floor room for the door to be able to swing all around. Pivot points above the door can be set to the center or slightly off center, as long as it the engineer’s approval is met. Some homes may need a large space to be covered and the impact pivot door makes a great choice for this. The design of pivot doors offers its own defined look. You can choose the pivot points, colors of the door, and shades of the glass.

Sliding glass doors, on the other hand, give a more traditional look. These can be great for patios, porches, or out in the back because of the convenience of a simple slide to get out. Instead of pulling or pivoting the door to open, sliding glass doors allow you to leave the portion of the home with ease.

Deciding whether pivot doors or sliding glass doors are for you is a personal decision. It may turn out that you like both, in which case you may be able to have impact sliding glass doors in one area of your home and impact pivot doors in another. SIW has a variety of different impact products that all hold their own options for you to customize and make your own, so no matter what type of door you choose, you get to say that you chose it!



Whether as a pivot entry door or for inside the home, an impact pivot door is a great choice. SIW wants you to feel like you have made the best decision with us for your impact-resistant product needs, which is why we offer a variety of products and different options for them so you can personalize them. Impact pivot doors are great when it comes to the options to personalize and the hurricane protection benefits.



For both commercial and residential use, the impact pivot glass door is suitable in virtually any location. The insulation that SIW impact pivot doors has is so secure when closed that they offer the same benefits as our impact windows. With impact pivot entry doors, you can have quite the interesting appearance in your home or business location.

Unique Look

Aside from the obvious benefits of hurricane protection, an impact glass pivot door has its own beautiful look to it. SIW is proud to describe our pivot glass door as an innovative, sought after product. The designs for pivot doors can be customized with nine different choices for wood color and multiple glass color options.


With the same advantages of our hurricane-resistant, impact windows and doors, these SIW pivot doors remain unaffected by winds roaring around 210 to 390 miles per hour. The strength and durability of the product is simply like no other.

Noise Reduction

SIW impact pivot doors offer benefits that extend far beyond just hurricane protection. These pivot doors with impact glass also keep sound from getting through. Impact-resistant products create this drop in external sound by being properly insulated. With impact pivot doors, the outside sounds of frustrated drivers in traffic and loud outdoor neighbor conversations are hushed.

Protection from Heat Exposure

Because SIW impact pivot doors and windows have strong aluminum frames and thick, double glazing panes, these products are able to block 99% of intense ultraviolet rays and can be energy efficient as a result. With light shining through a traditional window, it’s easy for heat to seep through and cause a raise in the indoor temperature. This causes poor energy use since cooling systems are working twice as hard to battle incoming heat from outside. SIW impact pivot doors and windows are so well insulated that this is no issue at all. When switching from traditional windows and doors to SIW impact products, you may even notice a drop in your electric bill.

Intruder Protection

The high intensity of impact resistance in SIW pivot doors and products makes it near impossible for any break ins through the glass. The impact glass is shatter-resistant and the products are properly insulated, so intruders won’t be able to get in. At SIW, the utmost importance is protection from any kind of harm, including criminals. We are proud to say that our pivot doors and windows give you that extra boost of safety.