West Palm Beach Impact Windows

Whether you are looking for storefront hurricane windows or residential impact windows in West Palm Beach, the leading company for impact windows and doors to turn to is SIW Windows & Doors! Let us provide you the answer for hurricane protection in West Palm Beach. Hurricanes can leave all types of destruction of indoor and outdoor property. But hurricane protection isn’t the only benefit of impact windows in West Palm Beach.

Benefits of the Best Impact Windows in West Palm Beach

From hurricane protection to asset security to preventing theft, impact windows have a number of benefits. However, not all impact windows are created alike. SIW Windows & Doors offers highly effective impact windows in West Palm Beach that are able to withstand extremely high winds. Below are some benefits that come with our impact windows.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact windows in West Palm Beach from SIW Windows & Doors have impact-resistant glass, so you never have to worry about damage from a broken window. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes can cause debris to hit your window, but with our impact windows made of impact-resistant glass, you won’t have to worry about the impact causing damage. Our impact resistant products are strong and resilient not only layers of glass but also a plastic film keeping them in place. Even if the outer layer were to get damaged and crack, the additional layers of the window would remain in place!

Our West Palm Beach Impact Windows Can Lower Your Insurance

When you become a West Palm Beach resident, you’ll like receive higher home insurance to be able to cover various damages and costs that can occur during hurricane season. But you can significantly lower the cost just by adding protective measures to your home. And with impact windows, especially, your insurance provider will likely reduce your premiums tremendously.

Impact windows are considered one of the greatest forms of protection to your West Palm Beach home. And because of this, your insurance provider might reward you, the policyholder, for taking the extra steps to protect your home and family.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Summer months in South Florida are usually unbearable. And because of that, it’s often advised that you replaced your property’s windows with impact-resistant ones. Doing so will turn out to be one of the greatest investments you could make.

Normal windows typically contribute to an incredible amount of heat gain in your home. And in return, this causes you to live in an uncomfortable, stuffy environment. But when you upgrade your older windows to brand new energy-efficient, impact-resistant models, you can seal off your home’s interior. Thus, you will allow your air conditioner to cool your home with a more significant effect.

Also, because of their energy efficiency, you can gain much more additional benefits when your energy bill arrives every month. Hurricane impact windows will assist in keeping your home sealed against hot or cold air that tries to enter or escape your home. And if you choose to get ultraviolet-resistant impact windows, you can also reduce the amount of heat that enters your home. This type of glass will keep the sun’s rays from invading your home and increasing your home’s interior temperature. As a result, you could save on your energy bills, reducing them by 15% to 20%.

Improve Your Property Value With Our West Palm Beach Impact Windows

There are many factors that can improve your property value. And impact window installation is most definitely one of them.

When you become the owner of a new home, you’re actually making an investment on the property you’ve purchased. And trust us when we say that you don’t want your property to degrade. Over time, certain components of your property will falter due to wear-and-tear. And when that happens you want to upgrade them immediately. When it comes to windows, especially, you’ll want to replace them with the best quality product you can buy. And that’s where impact windows come in.

The windows of a property can serve multiple purposes and protection is one of them. If they break, crack, or are simply degrading in quality overall, then your property value slowly starts to decline. But the minute you have them replaced with impact windows, you can expect to soar significantly.

Protects Your Assets from Damage

Due to the impact windows provided by SIW Windows being as strong and durable as they are, you won’t have to fear your assets being ruined in your residential home or commercial location as a result of the window breaking during a hurricane. With residential and commercial impact windows from SIW being as durable as they are, you can truly rest assured that your indoor property is safe!

Keeps Burglars Out

Not only do impact windows from SIW allow for you to have protection from heavy winds and hurricanes, but our residential and commercial hurricane windows at SIW can even help you by preventing burglary. Whether you need storefront impact windows, commercial hurricane windows, or residential impact windows for protection of property, our impact-resistant products do just the job! SIW has impact windows that are so strong and abrasion resistant that it makes it near impossible to break through, so you can rest assured that belongings and assets inside are safe from theft.

Get the Best Impact Windows in West Palm Beach

When you want to have impact windows that provide hurricane protection, keep burglars from breaking in, and assurance of your property remaining safe, you can count on SIW Impact Windows and Doors! SIW strives to provide that protection you want for you and your family. Don’t wait for the next natural disaster or hurricane to strike – call SIW Windows and Doors at (877) 274-8283 or contact us online for your free quote today!

Impact Windows installed at a West Palm Beach single family home, by SIW Impact Windows & Doors